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My name is Tony and I created Black Life China as part of my work as a Fulbright scholar, which began in 2013. Initially, I started this site with the goal of taking pictures of African Americans living in China and adding poignant quotes from our discussions to them and then using my expertise in social media and marketing to get the information to the public. However, the site has become much more than that. My new hope is to make Black Life China a resource for African Americans living or planning to live in China or anyone interested in the experiences of American minorities living Abroad.

Black Life China is a platform for Black Americans to share their stories in their own voices about life in China. Many people assume that living in China as a black person has to be one way or another. But, like most things, experiences vary from one person to another and is not simply dictated by race.

Information on Black Life China is distributed in ways that are easily accessible to viewers. We have combed the web to provide resources in video, audio and written format.

I hope that you enjoy this site as much as I had developing it.

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